What even is yoga?

Hands up who thinks of Warrior poses and beautiful bendy women when you hear "YOGA"?

Well, you are not alone. HOWEVER... We are changing that. 

Yoga is SOOOO much more than the poses, stretches, and flows. 

Here at Embodied Co. we incorporate a range of yogic tools to create classes that impact you well after you have rolled your mat up and driven off. 

Guiding you to live an Embodied Life.

Yoga at Home


Each month we host a variety of workshops and/or masterclasses. 

This gives you the opportunity to explore and dive a little deeper into the philosophy and practices of yoga. If there is something you would like to see on our calendar, be sure to let us know!

No upcoming events at the moment
Yoga Practice
Yoga Mat and Straps


Creating a world that is more aware, present and empowered to connect, grow and embrace curiosity = to live an Embodied Life. 

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