About Us


Creating a world that is more aware, present and empowered to connect, grow and embrace curiosity.


To live an Embodied Life.

Embodied - verb, past tense

To express, personify, or exemplify in a clear and certain manner; to include or contain (something) as part of a whole


Embodied Co. share our passion for learning to empower you to find more balance and greater health in a holistic way.


Venturing beyond the poses to integrate a range of yogic tools and principals to tune in to the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual aspects we each have.


What, Why, How

What we do, why we do it and how we do it has always been about meeting you where you are and to be with you as you venture into deepening your practice - at your pace.


We create and hold space to allow growth, movement and curiosity. Using tools that allow us to work in all layers - physical, energetic, mental/emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

  • PHYSICAL: Functional Movement – creating mindful movement to create greater and pain-free ROM.

  • ENERGETIC: Integrate and expand Breath – balance energies and recalibrate the nervous systems.

  • MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: Expand Thinking – become curious with thoughts/feelings and expand perception.

  • INTELLECTUAL: Inspire Wisdom – tune into your inner knowing, gut instinct.

  • SPIRITUAL: Create Connection – mind-body-spirit, within, with others, with all.

Letting go of what it looks like, we embody a practice that honours what it feels like.

"Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self" - The Bhagavad Gita

We do this in a four step process:



In your first month, we work on the fundamentals of creating embodied movement and breath.

We encourage mindfulness and tuning into your body, to create a more present sense. As a result, you begin to UNWIND from the daily stresses.

After a month of regular practice (2-3 classes weekly) it is common to notice:

- A decrease in stress

- An increase in mobility/flexibility

- An improved sleep quality.


Breath is the primary vehicle in which we receive and distribute prana (energy) throughout our body.

Learning to manage our energies through the channels (nadis), centres (chakras) and currents (vayus) increases our ability to nourish and cultivate balance.

Learn how to IGNITE your curiosity and go beyond the poses.

In month two you will learn to:

- Extend pranayama & asana practices

- Balance, energise or calm energies

- Nourish mind and body.


Facilitating awareness at a level that provokes deeper thought and interest into our habits, beliefs and values.

In this dimension we witness, understand and eventually release limiting beliefs. As we let these go, patterns of thought and emotion associated with them begin to dissolve naturally, allowing us to AWAKEN to the possibilities and joy within.

Benefits of an ongoing practice include:

- Greater sense of clarity

- Increased mental focus and memory

- Increase ability to regulate emotions

- Deeper sense of gratitude


The exploration and integration of all layers (koshas) of our being, lead us to a more balanced state that create the ultimate goal of yoga - Union. Uniting body, mind, spirit as well as connection to ourself and others.

To live an EMBODIED life enhances:

- Physical movement

- Mindful breath

- Regulation of mental/emotional states

- Witnessing your higher wisdom

- Awakening to joy

- Finding clarity and our sense of purpose

- Belonging to a community of likeminded people.